Lawyers that Lobby

A Deeper Level of Expertise and Insight

Political and Policy Intelligence

Success requires understanding policy and politics, especially in the unique, diverse Oregon legislative landscape. As lawyers, we pride ourselves in developing expertise on issues and effectively communicating with the appropriate elected and regulatory officials to achieve public policy goals. As lobbyists, we partner with public opinion research firms to understand the electorate and how to drive toward politically sustainable results. Together, we build lasting relationships with Republicans, Democrats, the Governor’s office, agencies, lobbyists, and other power players in Salem that are built on trust, intelligence, and honesty.

Tested Strategies, Proven Results

Rooted in Oregon, there is no substitute for our decades of experience in developing policy, building relationships, and navigating increasingly complex political processes. The Oregon of today is much different than the 1970s version. Yet through it all, lawyers and political experts in our Oregon lobbying firm have helped clients succeed while the political environment evolves. Combining time-tested with emerging strategies, we always look for the best way to win—for our clients, for lawmakers, and for future policymaking.